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Thank you to Gretchen, Miles, Wynne, and Sandy for the photos. Thanks to everyone who’s supporting my effort to develop a local brand and wearing their new digs.

Surfing is good for the human soul. I think places have a soul too!

We have grown up in Port Aransas. While some of us are true locals, many have spent summers, holidays, and spring breaks here making memories. Let’s agree, Port A evokes plenty of nostalgia for us Texans! We like to think “things were better then and better when” – (fill in the blank). Maybe they sometimes were. But passing down the good stuff to the next generation or continuing traditions year after year keeps us in the present. And before you know it, another memory is created to look back on and treasure.

(Pictured above, Des as a teenager in 1980 holds up a kingfish and young Kai hoists his own catch about 30 years later.)

You’ve heard of “take-your-kid-fishing day?” Well, some folks live by it. The Then and Now slideshow below shows four generations of the Kidd family reliving their good stuff- fishing and hanging at the beach.

I joined the family in late 80s and learned to wade fish solo in the flats. Took me awhile to understand why I had to slide out of a nice boat and into murky water at 6am to catch a fish. But I got the hang of it and used all the gear: a belt with hook outs, rod holder, drink holder and the attached stringer and bait bucket that trailed behind me. The mustard sardines on saltines and cold beers before 9am were easy to like.

I would love to see your “Now and Then” photos of family and friends in Port A. If you have some to share please email me at and I’ll post ’em!!

Surf and Soul Cinema is producing a one-night film fest at Austin Bike Farm on Saturday December 18th. Short flicks on biking, skating, and surfing will be shown on a big screen outside the bike shop. An Austin locals segment is sure to be entertaining! See you there. @austinbikefarm

Enjoy a look back at the “Women on Waves” community in Port A. Watch and relive some wonderful memories from past fall and winter seasons.

Every year in June recreational anglers head off shore for Red Snapper season.
Snapper fishing is limited in federal waters via an agreement between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the National Marine Fisheries Service. There’s a 2 per person limit and a total quota for all fish caught that helps protect the species. So, the season can end in a couple of weeks.
Off shore fishing is a totally different animal than bay fishing. For one, you need a friend with a big boat, lots of money for gas, and some inner ear medications. Driving out to the deep water takes some time. You can actually see the “blue line” color change that marks the deep water. It is spectacular.
Chartered fishing trips out of Woody’s for Fisherman’s Wharf are also available for groups and there are numerous fishing tournaments throughout the summer for serious sailfish sportsman.
Whether your catch is from the surf, the bays, the jetties or off shore, most Port A restaurants will cook it up for you. Virginia’s on the Bay fried up our snapper and we had a fantastic meal later evening. A big thank you to Britt and his boat crew.

There’s nothing like fishing with live bait, but first you have to get the live bait.

Casting nets and a stroll in the shallows with solid foot wear are required. Best bait fish are mud minnows, pin fish, finger mullet, and piggy perch. Wade fishing in the flats is an awesome way to explore the backside of the island. There are plenty of stingrays, trash fish, crabs and oysters to meander around, so it’s not for everybody.

(We recently decided not to pose with anymore dead fish so it’s only catch and release depicted in the future; The exception being the bait.)

A small but reliable boat can get you to the rigs on a calm day. Below, Paul takes his OG Boston Whaler to fish in the deeper water. Spanish mackerel, king fish, tuna and other game fish cruise these structures where the little ones feed.

The trip to the rigs can be a real adventure and, for me, that’s most of the fun. See this post

Watch above to see the Marinedream Port A contribution to the Locals Segment shown at their Surf and Soul Cinema Series (May 2016). A short Port A local trailer is below.

Okay, this is not Port A. Filmed by Des and Kai in La Jolla, California.
Edited by Kai Kidd.
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