Thank you for visiting Marinedreams and Port A Surf + Soul.  Living in Port Aransas brings so many precious experiences to your everyday life.  I started this website in 2009 to document our local surf scene but it soon expanded to include marine life, fishing, and general on-goings.

It’s a time of rapid change for the town, especially since Hurricane Harvey. This website and “Surf + Soul” is dedicated to keeping the stoke. Let’s remember Port A’s special history, lives lived and lost, and the beauty of this coastline. Port Aransas offers more than surf, it’s a keeper of souls and place we return to again and again. Build memories. Share the beach. Honor each other.

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Email: jenkidd@hotmail.com

IG at PortASurfandSoul.

13 Comments on “ABOUT

  1. I was surfing in Port Aransas today I was in a grey and orange wetsuit and I just was wondering if you happen to get any pictures of me

  2. Jennifer..thanks for the pics..a good look from the local side..thanks again..
    would some of your shots be for sale in hi def? some of them would be good for blow up and prints(personal only).

  3. this site is awesome! thanks for taking these great pictures. i love port A! keep the stoke goin!! \!!!/

  4. Wow Jennifer! I sat down this evening and poured over your entire site. What a labor of love. Few are able to appreciate the beauty of the South Texas coast as you show us through your images. We all benefit from your vision. Thanks for making this site.


  5. we are loving your site and want to say thanks so much for sharing these photos you take with us!! we pass all your info and we tell everyone we can about your site!!! keep on rockin port a!!!!

  6. Giiirl, love the rockin website. Now , I know whats goin down in Port A. Keep doing what your doing, its good. XOX

  7. what enchanting pictures. when I first looked at it I thought it was from Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, where I used to live. love the photos.

  8. Hello! I was out surfing a tiny kayak yesterday(march 9)at the pier and I noticed you were snapping some pictures. Don’t know if you got any of me goofing in the kayak but on the off chance you did, I thought I might ask if I could snag them. Thanks!

  9. In one of your blog entries, you have video of a surfing outrigger canoe. The blog entry and beginning of the video seem to indicate that the canoe was made by someone you know.

    I am highly interested in making a canoe of my own and wouldn’t mind talking with someone who has made one. Is there any chance you could give me the builder’s email address, or forward mine on?



    • I do indeed know the builder. Dave Parsons crafted this vessel here in Port Aransas. I’ll send your inquiry along to him. Thanks for your interest. The outrigger is something special!

  10. Been surfin Port A since ’63 and want to thank you for the great pics. Looking at your site helps keep the stoke going!

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