Red Snapper Off Shore. June, 2014

Every year in June recreational anglers head off shore for Red Snapper season.
Snapper fishing is limited in federal waters via an agreement between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the National Marine Fisheries Service. There’s a 2 per person limit and a total quota for all fish caught that helps protect the species. So, the season can end in a couple of weeks.
Off shore fishing is a totally different animal than bay fishing. For one, you need a friend with a big boat, lots of money for gas, and some inner ear medications. Driving out to the deep water takes some time. You can actually see the “blue line” color change that marks the deep water. It is spectacular.
Chartered fishing trips out of Woody’s for Fisherman’s Wharf are also available for groups and there are numerous fishing tournaments throughout the summer for serious sailfish sportsman.
Whether your catch is from the surf, the bays, the jetties or off shore, most Port A restaurants will cook it up for you. Virginia’s on the Bay fried up our snapper and we had a fantastic meal later evening. A big thank you to Britt and his boat crew.

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