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MARINEDREAMS and ISLAND ADVENTURES, down under. The Port Aransas Surfing & Water Recreation site is now live in New Plymouth, New Zealand!


Big Swell at Pig Outs. October 26, 2019


The big swell was manageable at Pig Outs. It was too wild and woolly at East End or Fitzroy for surfing but perfect for IRB (inflatable rescue boat) training. Those guys and gals are good, eh?   The paddlers rode some great waves. Des caught two bombs way outside beyond my view. Then Steve arrived with his foil board just after 5pm to catch a few inside.   Surf-tacular day!


High Flying. Sept. 23, 2019.

DSC_1531The winds picked up later on Sunday and you didn’t have to ring the bell twice. It was full on at East End Beach.   Des caught a few good ones and ended on a solid headstand! DSC_1828DSC_1820DSC_1782DSC_1712DSC_1788DSC_1809DSC_1792DSC_1818DSC_1778DSC_1775DSC_1779DSC_1815DSC_1807DSC_1471DSC_1474DSC_1483DSC_1159DSC_1504DSC_1508DSC_1726DSC_1742DSC_1754DSC_1761DSC_1773DSC_1814DSC_1301DSC_1215DSC_1179DSC_1167DSC_1710DSC_1509

Wheels up! Sunday Skate. Sept 22, 2019.

DSC_1603A change up today.  Scooters and bikes were flying at East End Skate Park,  and I had to snap a few of these kids. They were eager to show off their jumps and the enthusiasm was never ending.  Cool as.


Super 8 Series Surf at Fitz. Aug 24, 2019.

DSC_0364 2Okay, NZ surf is epic.  The best part is you don’t have to venture far from town to feel like you’re “living it” too.  Here’s the view from the coastal walkway.

The 2019 Super 8 Series at Fitzroy Beach, sponsored by New Plymouth Surfriders Club, was yesterday.  Sets were farther out and “bigger than it looks!”   But for reals… waves faces were 3.5 meters (11 foot).     I met some new folks including a cool high schooler who knows no fear, not even level 2 physics class rattles him. (pink jersey above). DSC_0304DSC_0363 2DSC_0351DSC_0163DSC_0256

Clean Swell Sessions. June 2, 2018.

IMG_3444This day the surf at Back Beach was clean, even at high tide.  The waves broke in sections, spread out the surfers, and provided space for longer boards.  The vibe was great.  There was a jump in the surf  the following day.  Bigger sets mean overhead, whomping close outs ( or “walls of death” as I used to call it). Des surfed again on our pinky,  8.0 surftech and got a few thrills.

The surf changes rapidly with the daily large tide fluctuations. So, when it’s good you’ve got 2 hours before it isn’t.

Of note, my camera has reached the end of it’s life.   The autofocus fatigued, necessitating manual focus to snap photos in the prior posts. Now that function has expired too.  The photos on this post were taken with my old iPhone, in my wetsuit, in the cold and rain. Please forgive the quality.   IMG_3484



Below are shots of  “the Groin” surf spot, perfect for short boogie board rides.  Biking farther north along the coastal walkway,  I usually bike pass these guys, “moo!”


Coastal Walkway Surf Breaks . May 25th, 2018.


DSC_0132 (1)New Plymouth’s many in-town surf breaks have a few obstacles to overcome, but once you get out to the points (way out there)  it looks amazing. I surfed around a corner at a calmer spot called Piggy’s and Des likes the clean lines off Belt Road. Yesterday I captured a few images at lower tide and watched the surfers navigate the rocks.  Many scramble out with no booties, tough Kiwis.




9 outta 10, eh? May 1, 2018

DSC_0116DSC_0093MetService surf forecast was a 9 at Fitzroy and the waves didn’t disappoint. Gorgeous as! The Stand up paddlers caught plenty a few hundred meters down at East End and, thanks to the southeast winds, all of New Plymouth experienced good sized breaking waves. I’m keen on going out tomorrow if I can find a longboard spot or…nice shoulder to ride. Might be bigger too, whomp!

Surf in the Southern Hemisphere. April 30th, 2018

DSC_0028 (1)There were plenty of clean waves today at this in town beach break. The outgoing tide walled up the earlier peelers at Fitzroy Beach.

12,000km southwest of Port A.

Old Town Expression Session. Oct 21, 2017

DSC_0362Harvey who?  Port Aransas celebrated its 107th Birthday with several traditional Old Town Festival events.  The Expression Session Surf Contest felt like an ocean-centric revival of the spirit. Folks gathered, cheered, photographed, swam, surfed, ate, laughed and played on the beach. It was a gorgeous day! Thanks to everyone who stepped up to make it happen, especially Cameron Pratt, the first to say, “We’re gonna do this!”

Summer on the Other Side. June 24, 2017


When it’s windy, hot, and crowded on the beach,  the evenings on the backside of our island  are  blissful.  The last two are shared here.      In Piper flats light breezes blowing through the mangroves surrounds you with a whistling  sound as you drift along.  Herons squawk loudly and egrets track your every move.    At Charlie’s Pasture  jackrabbits bound on and off the trails, often leading you on a good chase.  Water birds loop above then land for a stroll in the flats.

Whether you walk, run, bike or boat the other side is the best place to be at sunset.