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Sunset Pop. Jan 3rd, 2017

sunsetnewyearOh, yah.  An evening to remember.




Happy New Year Swell! Jan 3rd, 2017

dsc_0666A few photos of noon time surf. It was amazing all day, especially our morning session!

Evening Glow. Nov 29th, 2016

dsc_0258The party out last night really likes to surf. They fought the current and unpredictable wave breaks. Though the sunset was less than hoped for, the last light cast a beautiful glow on the water.

Dream Come True. Oct 29th, 2016

dsc_0557The swell peaked perfectly over the weekend. I captured just a few of many waves and surfers on this Saturday afternoon.

High Noon Round Up. Oct 28th, 2016

The waves picked up early Friday and the Port Aransas locals were the first to get a taste.   A low off the Yucatan produced the swell was to lasted for 3 days. (more pix in the mix!)

Warm Up Surf Session. Oct 26-27th, 2016

The surf was beautiful but mellow on Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks to Trevor, Rowdy and the gals for posing for a few shots. More photos to come of the weekend swell.


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SUP Fishing 101. Oct. 12th 2016


Where there’s a SUP,  there’s a way! After gearing up the Xterra inflatable boards we paddled to the tip of the jetty. Most folks will agree; you make it up as you go when you fish on a SUP. This day the dolphin were frisky and baby blacktips were cruising. The sharks were hungry so good thing we didn’t land any hooks or teeth.

Cloud Show. Sept. 16th, 2016


I spotted the Port Aransas Lifeguards on their daily training paddle this  morning.  Thanks for the photo op!  Garrett tested out the new  Xterra 12.6 Inflatable Touring board. The water was deliciously clear,  but the clouds and sky had most of my attention.

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Board. Sept 15th, 2016

Go LD,  making fun outta nuttin’ !