Enjoy a look back at the “Women on Waves” community in Port A. Watch and relive some wonderful memories from past fall and winter seasons.

Harvey who?  Port Aransas celebrated its 107th Birthday with several traditional Old Town Festival events.  The Expression Session Surf Contest felt like an ocean-centric revival of the spirit. Folks gathered, cheered,...

The Port A Surf-a-rama continued with north by northwest wind conditions all day.  It was a Sunday worth re-living!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Monster Wave and Surfer Show at the pier! more photos of afternoon session to come.

Oh, yeah…  An evening to remember.

A few photos of noon time surf. It was amazing all day, especially our morning session!

The party out last night really likes to surf. They fought the current and unpredictable wave breaks. Though the sunset was less than hoped for, the last light cast a beautiful glow...

The waves picked up early Friday and the Port Aransas locals were the first to get a taste.   A low off the Yucatan produced the swell was to lasted for...

The surf was beautiful but mellow on Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks to Trevor, Rowdy and the gals for posing for a few shots.