Port Aransas: Then & Now, the Kidd family

We have grown up in Port Aransas. While some of us are true locals, many have spent summers, holidays, and spring breaks here making memories. Let’s agree, Port A evokes plenty of nostalgia for us Texans! We like to think “things were better then and better when” – (fill in the blank). Maybe they sometimes were. But passing down the good stuff to the next generation or continuing traditions year after year keeps us in the present. And before you know it, another memory is created to look back on and treasure.

(Pictured above, Des as a teenager in 1980 holds up a kingfish and young Kai hoists his own catch about 30 years later.)

You’ve heard of “take-your-kid-fishing day?” Well, some folks live by it. This Then and Now slideshow shows four generations of the Kidd family reliving their good stuff- fishing and hanging at the beach.

I joined the family in late 80s and learned to wade fish solo in the flats. Took me awhile to understand why I had to slide out of a nice boat and into murky water at 6am to catch a fish. But I got the hang of it and used all the gear: a belt with hook outs, rod holder, drink holder and the attached stringer and bait bucket that trailed behind me. The mustard sardines on saltines and cold beers before 9am were easy to like.

I would love to see your “Now and Then” photos of family and friends in Port A. If you have some to share please email me at Jenkidd@hotmail.com and I’ll post ’em!!

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