Fishing Near and Far. Aug, 2020

There’s nothing like fishing with live bait, but first you have to get the live bait.

Casting nets and a stroll in the shallows with solid foot wear are required. Best bait fish are mud minnows, pin fish, finger mullet, and piggy perch. Wade fishing in the flats is an awesome way to explore the backside of the island. There are plenty of stingrays, trash fish, crabs and oysters to meander around, so it’s not for everybody.

(We recently decided not to pose with anymore dead fish so it’s only catch and release depicted in the future; The exception being the bait.)

A small but reliable boat can get you to the rigs on a calm day. Below, Paul takes his OG Boston Whaler to fish in the deeper water. Spanish mackerel, king fish, tuna and other game fish cruise these structures where the little ones feed.

The trip to the rigs can be a real adventure and, for me, that’s most of the fun. See this post

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