Harvey who?  Port Aransas celebrated its 107th Birthday with several traditional Old Town Festival events.  The Expression Session Surf Contest felt like an ocean-centric revival of the spirit. Folks gathered, cheered, photographed, swam, surfed, ate, laughed and played on the beach. It was a gorgeous day! Thanks to everyone who stepped up to make it happen, especially Cameron Pratt, the first to say, “We’re gonna do this!”


When it’s windy, hot, and crowded on the beach,  the evenings on the backside of our island are heavenly.

Light breezes blow through the mangroves in Piper Flats and surround you with a whistling sound. Herons squawk loudly and egrets track your every move.

In Charlie’s Pasture, jackrabbits bound on and off the trails leading you on a good chase.  Above water birds loop around, quietly land, then pause just slightly before stepping through the mud flats for an awkward stroll.

Whether you walk, run, bike or boat, the other side of Port Aransas is the best place to be at sunset.

If you weren’t at the Port Aransas Beach Pole Vault meet on Saturday,  you missed some red hot action!   Temperatures were high and so was that bar over which the athletes fearlessly flung themselves.

DSC_0050 The best women’s jump was 14 feet and the men’s was 18 feet.  The dedication and effort exhibited by all the competitors was world class.

The coaches will tell you pole vaulting is all about speed,  but without that intangible “it factor,”   raw talent and quickness only takes you so far.   These guys and gals are special athletes.   Good luck to all the vaulters and the future world champions that came to Port A to showcase their skills.

Congratulations to Greg West of West Athletics Vaults Crew-  It was a spectacular event. Click here for results/info.

Here’s the video


You know those cheesy Father’s Day cards with pictures of fish, boats, and camping gear?   Well,  at least for most Port A dads,  these illustrate common passions.   This dad paddled over to the north jetty, yes on a surfboard,  and lured in one keeper after another.   Frying up the speckled trout was a family affair.

                          Happy  World Oceans Day!

From river racing canoe to ocean cruiser, this boat has been transformed into a unique, single-man exploration vessel.  Ask Dave or Des for the whole story and Scott can fill in the Austin viewers.

The Port A Surf-a-rama continued with north by northwest wind conditions all day.  It was a Sunday worth re-living!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Monster Wave and Surfer Show at the pier!

more photos of afternoon session to come.

Earth Day 2013

2 kayakers + 2 plastic mattress bags = Happy Earth Day! 

As  everyone  knows,  St.  Joe’s  tends  to  collect  plastic  bottles  like  nobody’s  business.   One  November  day  a  few years  ago  we  hatched  a  plan  and  set  out  to  do  our  part.   It  was  our  “earth  day.”

We   kayaked  over  to  St.  Joe’s  from  the  south  jetty,   strolled  the  beach  and  dunes,  and  stuffed  as  much  plastic  as  possible  in  our  “trash  bags”.    Once  filled  we  tied ’em  up  to  our  kayak  and  SUP   and  launched  from  the  north  jetty.

Towing  the  loot  back  across  the  ship  channel  was  the  real  adventure.   High  winds  made  excellent  sails  of  the  huge,  floating  bags  and  carried  us  a  bit  off  course.   Jen  managed  to  wrap  her  towing  rope,   big  bag  and  part  of  her  partner’s  gear  around  a  piling  near  the  UTMSI  docks.   Des  got to use his knife and James  Derkits  took  our  rescue   call. We ended up a bit farther from our truck.

Filming  from  a  fast  moving  SUP  while  paddling across  the  channel  was  some  of  the  best  video I’ve  ever  taken and never got to see !

Sarah at doorI’m mariedreamin’!  Sarah Searight is featured this April at the Port Aransas Art Center. She is showcasing acrylic on canvas and watercolor scenes of the ocean, shore birds, surfers, and beach life. Her dynamic creations capture the essence of the sea. Sarah is a local favorite and has a signature style like no other.   Stop by and browse or make a piece your own!

Sarah also exhibits her fanciful art at her home studio here in town. “So cool!” Sarah in lounge

sunsetnewyearOh, yeah…  An evening to remember.


dsc_0666A few photos of noon time surf. It was amazing all day, especially our morning session!

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