Earth Day 2013

2 kayakers + 2 plastic mattress bags = Happy Earth Day! 

As  everyone  knows,  St.  Joe’s  tends  to  collect  plastic  bottles  like  nobody’s  business.   One  November  day  a  few years  ago  we  hatched  a  plan  and  set  out  to  do  our  part.   It  was  our  “earth  day.”

We   kayaked  over  to  St.  Joe’s  from  the  south  jetty,   strolled  the  beach  and  dunes,  and  stuffed  as  much  plastic  as  possible  in  our  “trash  bags”.    Once  filled  we  tied ’em  up  to  our  kayak  and  SUP   and  launched  from  the  north  jetty.

Towing  the  loot  back  across  the  ship  channel  was  the  real  adventure.   High  winds  made  excellent  sails  of  the  huge,  floating  bags  and  carried  us  a  bit  off  course.   Jen  managed  to  wrap  her  towing  rope,   big  bag  and  part  of  her  partner’s  gear  around  a  piling  near  the  UTMSI  docks.   Des  got to use his knife and James  Derkits  took  our  rescue   call. We ended up a bit farther from our truck.

Filming  from  a  fast  moving  SUP  while  paddling across  the  channel  was  some  of  the  best  video I’ve  ever  taken and never got to see !

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