Upper ShyAnn TrestlesWent back for more this summer (2013). Though the trees had thinned thanks to the tiny bark beetle, there was high traffic on the downhill trails. Favorites were Shy Ann, Rainmaker, Boot Camp and Jury Duty.

July-August 2011:

Des Kidd, guest blogger: 

Trestle Bike Park, Winter Park Village 

July 10, 2011

 “Decided to test drive the ‘bike park’ today.”

          “The idea of a “bike park” with defined boundaries, designated uphill and downhill routes,  and a lift to take you up… is not entirely new to me.  But still it is weird. At 5 pm the lift closed to uphill riding so I was gonna have to “earn” it.  I stalled by getting a cup of coffee at the ridiculously convenient Starbucks, thinking maybe another hard-hitting storm was soon to hit.  It didn’t… so I headed up the logging road on the side of the mountain with java in hand.  The java sipping acted as self-imposed governor, riding only as fast as I could tolerate maintaining the dainty grip on said joe.  Still breathing hard, it was a simple reminder not to impose any pain beyond that required to ascend indefinitely at a reasonably pedestrian pace.  Yes, got the strange looks from the DH bomb squad coming down on last run of the day at casual breakneck.  In the clarity that followed,  I realized why dedicated DH rigs are so seemingly overbuilt.  I turned downhill and found the trails “jury duty” and “boot camp”.  I figured they were named just for me because even though I didn’t really want to go, it was my moral obligation.  After barely moving uphill for an hour it was shocking how quickly simple gravity can accelerate a body down a moderate slope.  I  thought my bike was a fine piece but quickly felt inadequate as I scooted over the bumps and trestles at some speed.  What was it 20, 30, doesn’t matter.  I felt what I was looking for.  So if you see the tatooed, pierced, super-gnarlboro crowd dressed in baggies, neck ROM limiters, and armor,  realize some of it is for show but much of it is downright appropriate.  I can’t say what might happen if you left one of those elevated trestles at even a moderate rate but the knee pads and chest plate would be like appetizer crackers between hungry teeth as you swept through the trees.  I can say it would be fun to clean up.”

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