One more day of swell, thank you!

That’s what I’m talking about!   The swell graced us with its presence for 3 distinct days. Hope you surfed your little arms off.  What a joy to watch everyone, especially those...

Like they say, “If you can surf Port A, you can surf anywhere!”  The front brought wind, rain and swell.   But it got even better the next day.

Morning Session. They didn’t wait ’til the wind got on it. They didn’t miss the morning’s green, glass sonnet.

This front meant business. Too windy and wet to capture it in photos the first day. Here’s a small  slice from day two.

Finally! Winds backs off and the water shifted into my favorite shade of green. Go gals!

Daylight savings time started off wet and windy. But the longer day also stretched out that white water and brought surf-able waves inside and out..

It was smaller after the wind backed off later in the day, but surf was still up.