2 Comments on “Big Sky Surfing. Jan, 2013

  1. Hello Jenn:

    Sorry to communicate with you through your comments section. I did not see any other contact info

    i am starting a website/blog as i love to write and i need an outlet to post on. My subjects surfing and kite surfing the coastal bend. There is so much material within those subjects that it should keep me busy for a while. Anyway, i am a fairly amatuer photgrapher but i have admired your work since i found your page last year. I have even been a subject on a few occasions. I would like to post some of your pics on my page and include you on a list of my favorite links. My writing more or less centers around the zen aspect of wave riding so i am trying to capture that feel as much as possible.

    Any help, suggestions or direction would be great. Site should be up and running soon.
    Already have the domain name….texzensurf.com

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


    • Thanks, James or is it John?

      You are welcome to use photos from my site as long as they are credited and preferably linked back to my site. Keep up the Zen attitude. It’s in short supply!

      MD and IA

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