Morgan and the guys have a nice session

Dry winds, heat, swell, flies, bees, stingy things, green water, wave plumes, surfers, SUP’ers, sunhats, and gulls. It’s all good!

A little less windy and a little cleaner later in the day.

Sometimes we surf the waves and sometimes the waves surf us. It was another wild surf day thanks to the steady 20 mph north wind. The Port A gulf was gorgeous!...

And just like that the wind turned off shore with some gusto.

A few shots of the transition… Earlier clean rides by Ted and the gang were wiped out by a north wind. It’s one of my favorite surf conditions to photograph.

Sun, Swell… Pure Vida.

Fun, clean, mushy surf. Port Aransas surfers might want to coin a new term for such conditions… “Clushy” ?

Beautiful day and there was some surf. Pier was free again so the fishermen covered its length and the pelicans came for dinner dates.

The hail storm brought big and surprisingly clean swell on this very windy and cold Sunday morning. Sunshine later in the day lightened everyone’s mood. Horace Caldwell pier, Port Aransas, TX.

Nice outing but the strong south wind was too angled for big surf on St. Jo’s today. Clear, cool water and warm, sunny weather were a perfect combo.