now from the North Island of New Zealand

High Flying. Sept. 23, 2019.

DSC_1531The winds picked up later on Sunday and you didn’t have to ring the bell twice. It was full on at East End Beach.   Des caught a few good ones and ended on a solid headstand! DSC_1828DSC_1820DSC_1782DSC_1712DSC_1788DSC_1809DSC_1792DSC_1818DSC_1778DSC_1775DSC_1779DSC_1815DSC_1807DSC_1471DSC_1474DSC_1483DSC_1159DSC_1504DSC_1508DSC_1726DSC_1742DSC_1754DSC_1761DSC_1773DSC_1814DSC_1301DSC_1215DSC_1179DSC_1167DSC_1710DSC_1509

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