Daring Doberman. Oct 5th, 2011

This morning a grand and daring doberman took off without his leash and showed off his fast twitch muscles.  He reminded me of that 1970’s heist movie called the Daring Dobermans about a group of dobermans that were trained to carry a bank robbery.

This guy is called Ace, is from Canada, and didn’t take off with anyone’s backpack.  He had a splendid time running and chasing.  He responded to his owner instantly who said, “America is great, not like Canada where they have all these rules. You can’t do anything fun there, it’s almost communist.”  His dog was so obedient and beautiful I didn’t  burst his bubble that there’s definitely leash law on Port A beaches.

3 Comments on “Daring Doberman. Oct 5th, 2011

  1. Love that perfect Dobie. He is a beauty! Looks like he had a great visit in Port A.

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