Mauli Ola Foundation in Port A. August, 2011

Bobby Serna, “Surf Experience Director” and pro surfers  bring surf into the lives of kids battling cystic fibrosis. Local Morgan Faulkner Awesome, who operates Texas surf camp, and all the instructors couldn’t be any better! The pros, mostly from Hawaii, were extremely gracious and enthusiastic.  Knee high peelers but the sunshine and good vibe was felt by all. Thanks again for coming to Port Aransas, Texas!

L to  R: Morgan Faulkner, Kalani Robb, Teddy Navarro, Shawn “Barney” Barron, Brian Ortega and kneeling, Bobby Serna, Gavin Beschen, and Kealii Mamala are flanked by energized young surfers.

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