Masters of the Kite. April 28th, 2011

Kitesurfing vs. Kiteboarding. What’s the difference? Depends on who you ask but, these guys do it all.

One moment they’re doing aerials past the 3rd sandbar, the next moment a dude comes ripping by in 6 inches of water.  He slows down just enough to switch out his board type; A squared off board with straps is slung off and replaced with a pint-sized surfboard he snatches from a pile of sargassum. And, this is done in seconds without losing a grip on the kite reins and he rips out over the surf again.

Even more amazing is… how do you keep your feet in contact with the surfboard while a car-sized wing is pulling you 30 mph across the chop? That’s a mystery to me.

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