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BAM! Morning surf session. April 11th

Sometimes we surf the waves and sometimes the waves surf us. It was another wild surf day thanks to the steady 20 mph north wind. Port A gulf was gorgeous, sand was summertime hot, and I didn’t even notice the sargassum!


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Port A Surf Presidents. Feb 22

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Fun, clean, mushy surf. Port Aransas surfers might want to coin a new term for such conditions… “Clushy” ?

Slow Sunday Surf. Jan 30th

Beautiful day and there was some surf. Pier was free again so the fishermen covered its length and the pelicans came for dinner dates.

She’s a Beauty! April 24,25th

This weekend was a gift: Swell was clean and lined up,

water was warm and clear, jellies were prolific, and

the color change on the south side of the pier was


It’s Blowin’! Dec 24th

West wind sustained at 35 mph with gusts to 50. Keep your head down and forget waist high peelers- this is “off-shore” in Port A!

air 56˚ water 56˚, It’s nip! December 12th

No rain…no sun either, november 21

low light means images less sharp. pray for sun!

Ida Girl! November 9th & 10th

“Sarah’s Swell” October 22nd Port Aransas, Texas. In memory of Sarah Maxham