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Toora Loora Toora Loo Ar-lene. June 30th

Woohoo! Afternoon Surf Session. April 11th.

A little less windy and a little cleaner later in the day.

Like Port A! Feb. 25th

Sun, Swell… Pure Vida.

Slow Sunday Surf. Jan 30th

Beautiful day and there was some surf. Pier was free again so the fishermen covered its length and the pelicans came for dinner dates.

Port A Lighted Boat Parade, Dec. 4th

Va’a Aloha places 1st in small, private vessel under 30 feet and, earns “Most Original” prize, of course. Santa’s SUPing reindeer pulled his outrigger sleigh and the little elves sang and worked their mischief.

The Mood Changes, Sept 12th

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South to north jetty paddle was worth the effort. Beautiful green water is getting clearer and bluer by the day.

Late morning, April 18th