One Last Look. Dec 13, 2015

DSC_0475Oh me oh my, what colors! The water turned to a shiny onyx, the sky to an orange then to a rose. Sarah and I snapped away till light was too low for us and the heron. 

Sun Sparkle Daydream. Jan 26th

The north wind stayed awhile and waves were prrre- ty.

Wind and a Sail. Nov 17th

Toora Loora Toora Loo Ar-lene. June 30th

Come on Arlene! June 29th

-I swear we were there

at that mo-ment

did ya bring e-verything?-

Ah, come on Arlene.

Port A Surf Presidents. Feb 22

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Fun, clean, mushy surf. Port Aransas surfers might want to coin a new term for such conditions… “Clushy” ?

Slow Sunday Surf. Jan 30th

Beautiful day and there was some surf. Pier was free again so the fishermen covered its length and the pelicans came for dinner dates.

Hail Storm Surf. Jan 9th

The hail storm brought big and surprisingly clean swell on this very windy and cold Sunday morning. Sunshine later in the day lightened everyone’s mood. Horace Caldwell pier, Port Aransas, TX.

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Chill-a-rama at the pier. Dec. 16th

St. Jo’s Morning Surf. Dec. 16th

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Nice outing but the strong south wind was too angled for big surf on St. Jo’s today. Clear, cool water and warm, sunny weather were a perfect combo.

Lil’ north wind swell. Dec 12th

Karl’s Cool Colors, Sept. 17th

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was splendid. Today looks sloppy but probably fun.

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Alex sends his regards, June 30th.

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Hurricane Alex provides some wild surf, rain, and, unfortunately, sideways, on-shore winds.

Gone surfin’, Gone surfin’, Gone surfin’. May 3rd

She’s a Beauty! April 24,25th

This weekend was a gift: Swell was clean and lined up,

water was warm and clear, jellies were prolific, and

the color change on the south side of the pier was


Late morning, April 18th

Big and Mushy. march 9

Guest Appearance by a Swell. march 1st

It’s Blowin’! Dec 24th

West wind sustained at 35 mph with gusts to 50. Keep your head down and forget waist high peelers- this is “off-shore” in Port A!