now from the North Island of New Zealand

Stand Up Paddling

Tanker SUP Waves. March 4th

This is not easy, for many reasons. Ask Mike.

Beach Seats. Nov 15th

 Noon surf session …way out there. Early in the front evolution the waves pitched at IB Magee  Beach park.

Canal cruising. March 31st & April 2nd

Morning paddles in Island Moorings are so fine. There’s nothing like floating downwind in the channel  with the outgoing tide and skimming over 8 inches of water. Big black drum, red fish, flounder and rays swim under your board. The heron calls keep you awake as you drift. Paddling back into the wind finishes off your workout for the day.

Smooth as Glass. Jan. 7th

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This morning was another lake-like ocean day. Great for stand up paddling to the jetties and gliding past pelicans, jelly fish, dolphin, and the token grouchy fisherman. Last couple of photos are ” training days” in the CC ship channel (Dec. 19th.)

Port A Lighted Boat Parade, Dec. 4th

Va’a Aloha places 1st in small, private vessel under 30 feet and, earns “Most Original” prize, of course. Santa’s SUPing reindeer pulled his outrigger sleigh and the little elves sang and worked their mischief.

Still day for a stand up paddle, april 21

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Calm skies, clear and green water makes for a stand up paddle day. Lots of  trout in the surf and spanish mackrel at the tip. We got up close and personal with a baby.

Cold water cure: Stand Up paddle. feb13

Corey Williams and Dave Parsons SUP it up.