now from the North Island of New Zealand

South Jetty

SUP Fishing 101. Oct. 12th 2016


Where there’s a SUP,  there’s a way! After gearing up the Xterra inflatable boards we paddled to the tip of the jetty. Most folks will agree; you make it up as you go when you fish on a SUP. This day the dolphin were frisky and baby blacktips were cruising. The sharks were hungry so good thing we didn’t land any hooks or teeth.

Rock n Roll Drum Fishin’. Sept. 14th

There was a fishing flash mob at the jetties on Friday. Drum and snapper are running again. Over-sized black drum, reds, and other “sharp-toothed”  fish are cruising the jetties.

Jetty Mixer. May 17th.

One fish, two fish, Trigger fish are biting fish!

Clear Blue Sea. Sept. 8th

Blue water, green water, clear water…could be the Caribbean. One fisherman caught a kingfish, ladyfish, spanish mackrel, bluefish. and mangrove snapper in the same morning. Below red drum caught, released, rescued from buoy status, decompressed, released again, finally free!

Jetty or Not. May 17th

Nice but bumpy paddle to the jetty yesterday…just missed the big wind.  Kayakers were entertained by several dolphin just before I paddled to the tip.  And downwinder paddle to a shell beach off the ship channel a few days earlier was also pretty sweet.