Port A beaches

Beach Seats. Nov 15th

 Noon surf session …way out there. Early in the front evolution the waves pitched at IB Magee  Beach park.

Loggerhead turtle release. May 28

Shark attacks, fishing lines, hooks, and other perils of the sea landed these sea turtles in the Port Aransas Animal Rehabilitation Keep. After various treatments, lots of rest, and nourishment, the ARK released 5 loggerhead turtles back into the gulf at  Marker 35 on Saturday. They  flipper-crawled, without much hesitation,  to the surf, dove down to the next sandbar and swam out to sea. Good luck friends.

Fields of Gold Sargassum, April 9th.

The sargassum is a floating planktonic species of seaweed common in warm waters. It’s super thick this year and April’s bloom has been amazing.  The fresh crops are beautiful and I’m still looking for a baby seahorse. There is a smelly period but once dried out the plants prevent erosion and become one with the sand. For more info read the blog at  http://healthygulf.org/20090709769/blog/healthy-waters-/-dead-zone/sargassum-the-gulf-texas-beaches

For the UT Marine Science Institute’s radio short about sargassum click this link. title=”science and the sea, MSI” target=”_blank”>