Horace Caldwell pier

One Last Look. Dec 13, 2015

DSC_0475Oh me oh my, what colors! The water turned to a shiny onyx, the sky to an orange then to a rose. Sarah and I snapped away till light was too low for us and the heron. 

Pier Swim. April 18th, 2014.

rounding the pierIt was a glassy and clear day at the pier so,  we took advantage.  The water was still cold but the sun and high stroke turnover kept us warm as we swam laps around the pier.

On the Water Front. April 18th

This front meant business. Too windy and wet to capture it in photos the first day. Here’s a small  slice from day two.

Daylight Wave Time. March 10th


Daylight savings time started off wet and windy.

But the longer day also stretched out that white water and brought surfable waves inside and out.

Hush Hush. Feb, 23rd.

DSC_0267It was smaller after the wind backed off later in the day, but surf was still up.


Big Sky Surfing. Jan 9th


Spring Surfing on the North Side. Video. July28th.

Warning: 70s music, learning curve, and more to come!   

A Surfer’s Goodbye. May 12th.

Friends and Family of Jocko gathered at Horace Caldwell Pier on Saturday for a memorial and burial at sea.  It was something I won’t soon forget. The images will be everlasting; loved ones walking out on the pier with surfers quietly paddling out.  Once outside the bowl, the surfers turned their boards towards each other and grasped hands to make a circle in the water.  The waves rocked us up and down so our grips were tight.  Jocko’s son Tyler steadied himself in the middle and we surrounded him like a big embrace.   His wife, Pam, was so gracious, so sad, and so strong. Tyler returned Jocko to the ocean in a circle of beautiful flowers as they floated on the surface.  Then we all said goodbye with our tears and calls and whoops and water slaps and splashes of salt spray.  After a few moments we paddled out to catch some waves for Jocko and it was magical.

March Madness. March 21

Two days of zigzag currents and fun surf,  inside and out. Payback for a week of spring break hell.

Sun Sparkle Daydream. Jan 26th

The north wind stayed awhile and waves were prrre- ty.

Sunny Side Front. Jan 25th

Gotta like these fronts. First rain, then waves,  then wind,  then … surf!

(By the way, thanks everyone for clicking away on the photos and checking them out. I love to get comments and share ’em with viewers. Feel free to leave a  comment, there’s a link below this gallery).

Phantom’s Swell. Jan 17th

In memory of Gary Einkauf.

Good Morning Star Shine. Jan 10th.

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Morning Flyers. Jan 5th

Good morning Mustang Island! Today began with a  slow rolling swell. The tempo didn’t change much other than the addition of  a few clouds and gentle breezes.

Pier Seating. Nov 15th

Surf was beautiful. Only regret was missing Paul’s wave of the day when my camera powered down. But Kai shot the nice one above.

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Daring Doberman. Oct 5th

This morning a grand and daring doberman took off without his leash (not cash like in the 70s movie) and showed off his fast twitch muscles.  15 month old Ace is from Canada and didn’t  know the rules of the beach but, he knew it was a great place to run and chase. He responded to his owner instantly…smart dog. He told me that America is great, not like Canada where they have all these rules. You can’t do anything fun there, apparently, it’s almost communist.

Mauli Ola Foundation in Port A. August 18th

Bobby Serna, “Surf Experience Director”,  along with pro sufers, such as local Morgan Faulkner,  bring surf into the lives of kids battling cystic fibrosis. Awesome surf camp and and the instructors couldn’t be any better! The pros, mostly from Hawaii, were extremely gracious and enthusiastic.  Knee high peelers but the sunshine and good vibe was felt by all. Thanks again for coming to Port Aransas, Texas!

L to  R: Morgan Faulkner, Kalani Robb, Teddy Navarro, Shawn “Barney” Barron, Brian Ortega and kneeling, Bobby Serna, Gavin Beschen, and Kealii Mamala are flanked by energized young surfers.

Quiet Waves. June 23rd.


Storm Camp. June 22nd

The rain came but Texas Surf Camp continued. Morgan and crew took it all in stride. And it was a welcome reprieve from the sun and heat.

South Texas Santa Ana. April 27th

Dry winds, heat, swell, flies, bees, stingy things, green water, plumes, surfers, SUP’ers, sun,  hats, gulls, long paddles. It’s all good!

most viewed image of the post is above

BAM! Morning surf session. April 11th

Sometimes we surf the waves and sometimes the waves surf us. It was another wild surf day thanks to the steady 20 mph north wind. Port A gulf was gorgeous, sand was summertime hot, and I didn’t even notice the sargassum!


Silent Slideshow

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