Don’t take my Ektachrome away. May 10th, 2017.


A  friend  and  fellow  surfer,  Ewell  Clarke,  promised  to  dig  through  his  old   slides and  found  some  Port  A  sessions  from  1982-85.   This  one  was  shot  with  high  speed  Ektachrome  film,  300mm  lens,  from  the  dunes,   and  without  autofocus –  not  available  back  then.   Ewell  writes,  “Hope  you  can  see  the  riders;  shooting  from  the  dunes  they  sometimes  disappeared  in  the  trough  on  bottom  turns.”

I  like  this  photo;   the  feathering  wave  is  good  size,  similar  to  our  last  wind  swell.   Nice  to  see  3  surfers  sharing  the  wave  too.

Also,  I  appreciate  the  image  because  it  was  taken  on  slide  film,   the medium  I  learned  with.   It’s  known  as  color  positive  film,  “slide,”  or  “transparency”  film.   No negatives.  What  you shot  was  what  you  got.  Exposure  couldn’t  be  adjusted  in  development  so  you  had  to  know  your  settings  in  different  light   by  heart.   And  there  was  no  autofocus,  you  chose  the  focal  length  and  hoped  the  image  was  in  focus,  or  used  manual  and  lined  up  little  blurry  half  circles  over  the  subject.   Remember?    Oh,  the  anticipation  of  pulling  a  newly  processed  slide  from  the  box  and  holding  it  up  to  the  light  to view  it  for the  first  time!    Sometimes  I   got  a  gem.

Thanks,  Ewell.

3 responses

  1. James Derkits

    Great photo, and wonderful to reflect on the photography processes. It makes me want to get a film camera for Eli.

    May 10, 2017 at 9:51 am

    • Yeh, it’s a lost art. Film definitely has that real feel. But the Polaroid is a great hobby too- instant feedback on your composition!

      May 10, 2017 at 10:14 am

  2. ewell

    Wow, I made the blog! Thanks Jen. I started surfing in 1965, but couldn’t afford a camera or film until 1982. But the memories, ahh the memories….
    ewell clarke

    May 12, 2017 at 2:23 pm

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